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Meet And Greet at Regions Bistro and Bar

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. with guest Smooth Groove Phoenix streaming live radio broadcast with the freshest jazz and R&B. Prize drawings, including 3day/2night trip. Sponsored by Diva Destinations and Smooth Groove Phoenix

As the name implies, Regions Bistro and; Bar is about the many locales, cities, states and neighborhoods from whence we came.  Food is tied to so many fond memories for us all, from a favorite local restaurant to family celebrations.
While the core sustenance at Regions is “American Comfort Food,” each month we pay homage to another section of our great land – from the Midwest, New England and the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains and the Deep South. 
We don’t stop at cuisine.  Cocktails and other libations accompany our regional tastes for a full dining experience that echoes the days of home.  
Our private dining accommodates your special occasions, out of town guests and business colleagues.  We help you create the perfect menu for an event to remember.
Share with us your favorites.  We always want to hear from you – where you came from, your fondest memories of food and home.  
Thank you for joining us.  Settle in and enjoy your culinary journey through Regions.

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