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Good 2BU

I woke up to, what I considered, a normally planned day.  I get up, hit the kids’ school, and get my hair done.  Am I the only mom out there who runs into chaos because in my good intentions I over plan, and do just “one more thing” which ends up throwing everything else off?  Well, that is exactly what happened! The chaos that I had created, however, quickly turned into a blessed rejuvenation that I had never before experienced.

Finally making it through traffic, and miraculously finding a parking space right away, I frantically approached the front desk at 2BU Salon and Spa where I was to get a cut and style.  The calm-natured greeter’s smile and soothing voice immediately put me at ease, as I checked in for my appointment with Stacey, my Master Stylist.  It didn’t hurt either that I was offered the choices of mint-cucumber water (with or without ice – really!); herbal iced tea; espresso; and several varieties of wine. Wow! Am I being secretly filmed for The Housewives of Scottsdale? I’ve never seen anything like this locally, and my Divalicious self is now very impressed!

The atmosphere was full of fragrant calming aromas, and while I was embracing this energy, Stacey immediately approached me to introduce herself; as this was my first visit to this salon.  Ah! A professional who’s serious about her business.  I think I’m in love!  I’m informed that while my stylist finishes up with a previous client, her assistant will get me started on the Aroma Sensory Experience.  Wha-who?  I quickly learn that AVEDA has their own Signature Sensory Ritual.  It starts when you walk into the salon and consists of Aveda Comforting Tea or beverage, Hand Massage, Chair Massage, Make-up Finishing Touch, Heated Aroma Towel, Personalized Chakra or Aveda Aroma Sensory Experience.  All I can say is, well, I’m speechless.  This is more than I expected!

After the hand and neck massage with my choice of aromatherapy, I could barely walk over to the bowl to get my hair washed….I mean, my head massaged! Yes, the warm towel around my neck with the carefully chosen sensory aroma tantalizing my senses almost had me floating away into Divalicious Bliss-ville.  Ahhhh! Hmmmm! Oh! The gentle massage of my scalp felt revitalizing!  I thought the hand and chair massage was awesome, but this..wow! I could feel my pores opening up and receiving all that this experience had for me. Think I’ll stay here a while.  Huh? Done? Do I have to?

At this point, I’m practically carried back to my Master Stylist’s chair. (Do they get paid extra for this?!)  I was in another time, another place; and it took me a minute to come back to where I was and what this mission was all about. Stacey had consulted with me before going to the wash bowl, so we did a quick revisit of what we had agreed upon. Let the styling begin!

I was pampered through out with refills on my tea, refreshing water, and of course, the effervescence of my sensory aroma. Once the styling was complete, I was led to the front of the salon to have my make-up touched up.  This is Genius!  One of my biggest pet peeves when going to get my hair done is how my makeup always gets jacked up. I had actually taken my makeup with me to touch it up when I got back into my car.  No need for me to use my makeup, though.  My Master Stylist chose a beautiful bronzer to highlight my features; and touched up my cheeks and eyes.  I walked out looking and feeling better than when I had initially walked into the salon.  An incredible transformation had taken place!

The staff was attentive and inviting.  Everyone was smiling.  Clients were happy.  The General Manager had made it a point to come say hello to me early on, and to thank me for coming in as a new client. I loved that extension of hospitality, and a real classy act!

Salon experience is not about offering a bottled water or glass of cheap wine that gives a headache to your client; although I kindly thank you for the offer.  It’s about the customer service, the energy, the staff, the atmosphere.  When I walked in to 2BU Salon and Spa, it was all about me.  I didn’t ask for it, but I sure did receive it! 2BU Salon and Spa has tapped into what’s important to customers, whether a man or a woman.  When we choose any customer-related service, that’s exactly what we want – service. I didn’t just feel special at 2BU Salon and Spa.  I felt attended to, like I was the most important client there.

I did not just go get my hair “did”.  I had an awesome experience that I look forward to going back to and experiencing again. (This time, I think I may get a color. Ssshh!).  2BU Salon and Spa is located inside Scottsdale Fashion Square, on the lower level, next to Barney’s New York. This salon is a definite Diva Destination.  Prepare yourself to look and feel like one, as you experience what a salon and spa is all about. Yes, it’s possible to have this delicious, Divalicious experience here in Arizona!

And, That is Divalicious!

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