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I’m a Dancing Machine

I recently went out to have some much needed down time. I have to tell you. I was ready and reared to go. With life’s circumstances having changed, it had been a while that I had been out to cut the rug.

Do I look good? Should I change? Is my hair and makeup ok? Do I still got “it”? I tormented myself with anxiety. Then we arrived.

Oh, yes. I remember you. My stomping ground Vabene. I love this place. I couldn’t wait to park and get out of the car.  With every step, I was getting closer to my destiny.

I see the door and a nice gentleman opens it for me. Thank you, sir! As usual, I’m greeted with a smile by the hostess. It’s only 9:30 and the place is already packed! The beats are thumping … my heart starts pumping!

I cooly stride around the bar to find my favorite bartender, otherwise known as ‘the mummy’ to me and my friends. I get my standard house red which still doesn’t give me a headache. Keep em coming!

I see this band I never heard before is playing and they are sounding pretty darn good. I might be standing by the bar but I came to dance and these beats are funky! This is gonna be a fun night!

And it was. Vabene offers an eclectic, diverse crowd. Good bands are always playing there. The dance floor is rather small, but somehow we make it work. The bands booked here are entertaining and keep the 30something + crowd going. Just good clean fun in an atmosphere where you feel safe. I’ve also eaten dinner here several times. The food and desert is just as good.

Vabene is a venue that stays in my top three for a fun party with a friendly crowd and staff. It’s located in Chandler just off Chandler Blvd. around 48th St.

This blog is my personal opinion based on my personal experience. This is not an endorsement for products, people, venues, and places.

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