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Bistro or Bust-O?

So this past Saturday night I went to Warren’s Jazz Bistro to see my man play LIVE as the guest, featured artist of ContreBAND. I’ve been to Warren’s many times and have seen its metamorphosis since its opening. The one thing that really gets me every time I go is the cover charge. First it was $5, now its $10. For what? I’m Diva Destinations. I do not pay cover.

But, that’s besides the point. It never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous prices that are thrown guests way as they enter this venue. At my recommendation, my girlfriend chose to have her birthday party there (for the second year in a row). I’m all about supporting locally owned-businesses, especially minority-owned. I was shocked that Warren’s was going to charge her $20 a person to sit in a booth. Yes, just to sit down. Really?

That’s not all. You can always sit outside or at the bar where both have minimal seating. Either way, you have to pay to get in. Really?

Fast forward to Saturday night. Keep in mind, I’m with the band…literally. We both walk in to see “reserve” signs on each table inside; a deterrent for those who do not know any better. We were invited to sit at the bar where all the seats were taken or outside with the outdoor heaters. The internationally known Chillie Willie Groove was guest performing that night, and who I was with. He didn’t want to sit outside or at the bar. He was playing with the band.

Once it was made clear that we were expecting other guests, and that we wanted to eat, we were then “allowed” to sit inside. Our server for the evening was an absolute gem, and took very good care of us. But I was shocked that after ordering a nice bottle of wine, we were given water in plastic “pizza” cups.

Yeah. This is what $10 bucks will get you at Warren’s Jazz Bistro. Later that night when Chillie asked for water, the bar had “run out”. How do you run out of water at a bar? Oh, you probably want me to pay for that plastic pizza cup with the paper on the straw.

Our final bill came to $75.88 and included the bottle of wine, bottle of beer, two mandarin cosmos (fabulously delish!), a gyro plate and an appetizer (my fave: spinach artichoke dip with warm pita bread). Nope. No discount or complimentary drinks for this world renowned Latin percussionist on a Label roster; or for any other band member for that matter. Unbelievable! and completely disrespectful to the band that packed your house and brought the place DOWN! Let’s also remember that some of our guests chose to sit at their own table with guests that they brought in.

So that’s what you get at Warren’s Jazz Bistro for $10, but that $10 is going to cost you. Doesn’t matter that you bring in business, or radio stations with Grammy award winning artists (Ken Navarro – yes I was responsible for that), or that you want to root on and encourage a small business owner with your patronage.

You’re either a nightclub or a bistro. Make up your mind. When you start charging for everything, and take for granted your loyal patrons, it’s not good for business. You’re showing yourself as desperate and greedy, and frankly I’m getting tired of it.

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Check out Weight Watchers Peanut Butter / Cool Whip Treat Recipe ONLY 1 Points

Check out Weight Watchers Peanut Butter / Cool Whip Treat Recipe ONLY 1 Points

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International Women’s Day 2012 – Glenda Stone re. Global IWD Arts

Today is International Women’s Day. 

About International Women’s Day 2012 – Glenda Stone re. Global IWD Arts

The above link will direct you to the official site where you can review a one minute video on the inception of this important day. It’s all about celebrating women and our contributions to society from the early 1900s. You can even create a Women’s Day event and upload your page/event on the official site.

As you share your story, and recognize the contributions of other women, take a peak at the global events taking place today. Remember to Keep it Divalicious by Supporting, Building, and Inspiring one another!

Monica Tipton

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Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

We should count our blessings that we live in a large metropolitan area with plenty of things to do. First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix, Second Friday in Mesa, The Ostrich Festival in Chandler, and The Renaissance Festival just east of Gold Canyon off of State Highway 60 East.

The Renaissance Festival is a family favorite and yearly tradition for us. Every spring break, you can find me and the kids on the grounds eating funnel cakes and chocolate dipped strawberries. My favorite destination are the unique shops. Usually we will run into the same shop owners year after year. Amazingly, we always manage to find something new that we somehow overlooked or missed before which makes for a whole new experience. Each year we go with a goal and a plan of what we will do and what we will purchase. It’s a family affair. Tickets used to be $18 and $8. They are now $20 and $10 (5-12) if purchased in advance at Fry’s Marketplace. It will cost a dollar or two more if you purchase your tickets on line or at the event. Last year, my daughter and I purchased outfits. Maybe if it’s not too hot, we will put on our Renaissance gear. The Festival is open rain or shine 10am-6pm through April 1. MAP.

 The shows are interesting and entertaining for all ages.

 You can’t have a festival without jousting. There’s not a bad seat to watch these two go at it. This is a crowd favorite.

 Looks pretty gruesome but some of these torture techniques were practiced during the time for various reasons. A whole castle is dedicated for your learning pleasure!

 The eats with friends, freehand face painting, and gym like equipment keeps you busy for the day. All of you will need a nap by the time this day is over!

 A little bit of glitter and color goes a long way. But wait! You can’t forget your wax hand. It’s fun to see your growth year after year.

Of course spring training is here and you can find the teams all over the valley. One of my favorite sites with lots of great statewide happenings is About.com Phoenix. with monthly calendars of things to do. Of course, when I’m out and about, I seek out female business owners so I can patron them and encourage their good works. So, while you’re out doing your thing, remember to give your female counterpart a boost of encouragement. It just might be the one thing that makes her day.

Keep It Divalicious ❤ by keeping it local!

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I’m a Dancing Machine

I recently went out to have some much needed down time. I have to tell you. I was ready and reared to go. With life’s circumstances having changed, it had been a while that I had been out to cut the rug.

Do I look good? Should I change? Is my hair and makeup ok? Do I still got “it”? I tormented myself with anxiety. Then we arrived.

Oh, yes. I remember you. My stomping ground Vabene. I love this place. I couldn’t wait to park and get out of the car.  With every step, I was getting closer to my destiny.

I see the door and a nice gentleman opens it for me. Thank you, sir! As usual, I’m greeted with a smile by the hostess. It’s only 9:30 and the place is already packed! The beats are thumping … my heart starts pumping!

I cooly stride around the bar to find my favorite bartender, otherwise known as ‘the mummy’ to me and my friends. I get my standard house red which still doesn’t give me a headache. Keep em coming!

I see this band I never heard before is playing and they are sounding pretty darn good. I might be standing by the bar but I came to dance and these beats are funky! This is gonna be a fun night!

And it was. Vabene offers an eclectic, diverse crowd. Good bands are always playing there. The dance floor is rather small, but somehow we make it work. The bands booked here are entertaining and keep the 30something + crowd going. Just good clean fun in an atmosphere where you feel safe. I’ve also eaten dinner here several times. The food and desert is just as good.

Vabene is a venue that stays in my top three for a fun party with a friendly crowd and staff. It’s located in Chandler just off Chandler Blvd. around 48th St.

This blog is my personal opinion based on my personal experience. This is not an endorsement for products, people, venues, and places.

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10 Ways to Save Gas – Save 20 Percent on Fuel Costs – The Daily Green

Hey, I’m all for saving money, and these 10 tips I’ve heard before. This time, I’m really listening. As gas prices continue to rise, we have to do what we can control to help keep our costs down. Literally, every penny counts! You’ll find these tips useful and helpful, as well as easy to implement.

10 Ways to Save Gas – Save 20 Percent on Fuel Costs – The Daily Green

Keep It Divalicious! ❤

Monica Tipton

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Empowering Women is the most beautiful gift that begins with encouragement | BE The Master™

This is a great blog post by Carele Belanger. So good, I had to share!

Empowering women starts with loving yourselves as women, feeling like goddesses, giving encouragement to others and believing in the amazing women that you all are. Something we never learned to do is to look at ourselves in the mirror and see all the beauties we have inside of us. Women, we have such a gold mine within us, let’s be enlightened! How to start and let your power out ?

Read more by clicking this link:

Empowering Women is the most beautiful gift that begins with encouragement | BE The Master™.

As Carele says, “BE The Master(TM)” and as I say, Keep It Divalicious!

Monica Tipton